Outdoor Activities in Saint George, UT

Outdoor Activities in Saint George, UT |

While visiting St. George, the number of activities available is seemingly unlimited. Here's a list of some other activities you may wish to consider:

ATV Tours/ Rentals: There are several excellent companies that can guide you on tours of the are, via ATV, or rent your own and get out in the back-country for a day or two of adventure.

Bird Watching: Hawks, eagles, turkey vultures, ravens, owls, and falcons, are some of the prevalent larger birds in the area. You'll enjoy finding the hundreds of smaller birds that are also found here.

Boating: Bring your boat, or rent one, and get out on the three main reservoirs found in this area, Sand Hollow, Quail Creek, and Gunlock. All are within a 20 minute drive of The INN at St. George.

Canyoneering: Bring your own gear or go with a guide and explore the magnificent slot canyons of this region. It doesn't get any better than what you'll find in southwestern Utah.

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Climbing: Rock climbers love this area, as they venture into the Virgin River Gorge, Snow Canyon State Park, and Zion National Park for some world class rock climbing. Ask the best climbers and they'll tell you that the St. George area simply has more than its share of great climbing routes. Bouldering is a great sport around here too, and you can tune-up at a local indoor climbing gym.

Cycling: Cyclists have discovered the scenic routes that loop out through Snow Canyon State Park, and other areas of this region. Lots of great hills, and scenery keep cyclists coming back for excellent rides.

Fishing: Our local reservoirs are great for bass and trout, and some stream fishing is possible on the upper Santa Clara. St. George also offers several trout ponds for families to enjoy a local fishing experience together.

Jet SkiFlights (Scenic): Jump into a plane or helicopter and venture over the most majestic canyons you've ever seen.

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Hiking: Trails simply go out from St. George in all directions. You'll find local routes close to town or some just minutes away that take you into stunning back-country for scenery, diverse biology, and some interesting wildlife viewing experiences.

Jeep Tours: Take your own four-wheel drive vehicle out on the back-roads, or go with a local professional company with guides that know the history, geology, biology, and legends of this dramatic region.

Mountain Biking: Some say this area offers the best trails in Utah. There are over 60 trails, and local bike shops have maps and information on where to go, and how to best experience the exciting mountain biking trails of St. George.

Paved Paths: St. George offers approximately 40 miles of paved paths that run past snow canyon, and all through the scenic sections of town, even along the Virgin River. These paths are great for walking, biking, and roller blading.

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Rappelling: Bring your own ropes, or go with a guide and experience the thrill of descending the areas dramatic sandstone cliffs. Local guides also offer zip-line experiences that are highly enjoyable.

Skim Boarding: The rivers here have soft sandy bottoms, and the locals have long known that you can ride a skim board for a long way on the shallow waters of the Virgin and Santa Clara rivers.

Swimming: We have two excellent recreation centers in St. George that both offer water slides, pools, children's play areas, and more. The Washington City Recreation Center, and the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center are year-round places to enjoy water activities. St. George also has an outdoor pool and water slide on 700 S.